Moving? What To Buy To Make Things Easier!

Packing up and moving an entire household of furniture and things isn't necessarily the hardest part of relocating. It's the unpacking. It can be so tedious that people sometimes have boxes of things sitting around for weeks or months after a move.

However, the effort you put into packing and preparing can make unpacking much easier. Here are a few things to buy at your local discount store that will help make the move and the unpacking easier.

Large Binder

During and after your move, you'll need immediate access to a lot of important documents, including ones that you normally would not keep with you such as birth certificates, rental agreements, social security cards, school transcripts and shot records. Keep your important documents and items in a brightly-colored binder.

Purchase a binder that zips completely to enclose the contents or use protective, sealable sleeves to place the documents into so they don't fall out of the binder. Here are a few other things that can be kept in the binder:

  • medical, dental, and pharmaceutical records
  • bills for both locations
  • moving expense receipts to claim a tax deduction

Ziploc Plastic Bags

During a move, small things inside boxes can get jumbled around, which means that you'll need to sort through the boxes before you can put the items away. Think about your kitchen drawers and your spice cabinet in particular. Avoid this problem altogether by buying Ziploc bags in various sizes to help keep small items together. That way, when it's time to unpack you can simply take the bags out of the boxes and dump them into the appropriate drawers.

You'll also need small sandwich-sized Ziploc bags to keep hardware together for furniture, particularly the beds and other items that use hardware, such as the screws that attach mirrors to dressers. Use these small bags to place the hardware into and securely tape the bags directly onto the furniture. Alternatively, mark each bag with a permanent marker and keep them in your binder.

Scrapbook Paper

The labeling of boxes is very important so the moving company knows exactly which room the boxes need to go to in the new location. Moving companies usually label boxes with bedroom 1 or small bedroom, neither of which would tell anyone where the boxes will go in the new house.

To avoid confusion, buy a pack of scrapbook paper to use as labels. Assign each room in your house a specific pattern. Tape the same pattern to each box that belongs in each room. Before the movers arrive at the new house, tape sheets of scrapbook paper to each door to signify which groups of boxes go into which rooms. Don't forget to do this for the garage, basement, attic and other areas that are out-of-sight, out-of-mind.


Purchase some necessities to help get you through the first day or so of the move. You'll need things like toilet paper, soap, and paper towels. Buy new toilet brushes, plungers, and mops so you don't have to pack them. It's inevitable that these types of things will be needed if you don't already have them.

It's also a good idea to have a fully-stocked first aid kit readily available for moving day in case someone gets injured. In this kit, you'll want to have cold compresses that are activated by squeezing the packages. The reason for this is because your new freezer probably won't have ice already made to help soothe bumps and sprains.

Keep these necessities with you instead of placing them on the moving truck. That way, you won't waste precious time trying to locate the items in case of an emergency.

For more tips and information, talk with some local moving companies, such as Wheaton World Wide Moving.