3 Ways To Turn Your Storage Unit Into A Usable Space Again

If you have a lot of belongings in your storage unit, and you feel like it has become more of a junk drawer that you pay for than a useful space, spend some time at the start of the year cleaning up your storage space. 

#1 Put Everything In A Container

It can be tempting to just set the crock pot on top of the pile of kitchen boxes when you decide that you don't need it in your house, or just put a loose bag of winter clothing into your storage unit. However, when you just add stuff loosely to your storage unit, you are creating a situation where it is going to be hard for you to find the items you need. You could even be stacking things in an unsafe manner.

You need to pull everything out of your storage unit that is loose and add it the right containers.

#2 Label All Boxes

You are going to have a lot easier time finding things in your storage unit if all the boxes are labeled. Take some time to review each box and make sure that it is labeled. If a box is unlabeled, take the time to open it up, look inside, and properly label the box.

While you are labeling the boxes, make a master list of what is in each box so that you have a full inventory of what is in your storage unit.

#3 Go Through Your Boxes

As you label all of your boxes, take some time to go through some of your some of your boxes. You don't need to go through all of your boxes, but try to tackle some of them. As you go through the boxes, think about the last time you opened up the box and if you even intent to use the items inside of the box again. 

If you don't think you'll use the items again, add them to your donation pile. If the items is not something that you can donate, add it to your throwaway pile. Only keep items you really think that you will use again. 

At the start of this year, spend some times cleaning out your storage unit and make it into a usable space. Put loose items in boxes, make sure all your boxes are labeled and that you have an outside inventory list of your storage items, and go through a few boxes and get rid of things you don't ever intend to use. 

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