5 Things You Should Do While The Movers Are Working

When you use professional movers to pack up and/or transport your belongings, much of the work has been outsourced to others. This makes moving much easier. But don't plan to put your feet up on the day of the big move. In fact, you have a number of useful things to spend your own time taking care of. Here are a few of the most important. 

1. Enact Your Kids or Pets Plan.

Kids and pets can get in the way during a move, so it's best to decide ahead of time what you'll do with them. The ideal solution is to take them to Grandma's house, day care, or just a day out with friends. Whatever your plan to keep both out of the danger zone when moving activity starts, enact it before the pros arrive. 

2. Remove What You'll Take Personally.

There is undoubtedly a box or suitcase that you want to keep with you as you make the trek to your new home. If traveling long distance, this is often an overnight bag with essentials for the trip. It may be sensitive items, expensive goods, or just personal effects you don't want to entrust. Whatever's in your bag, remove it from the home early so that it doesn't get mistakenly loaded on the truck.

3. Double Check the House.

Use your free time to make a round (or two) of the house as it is being emptied. Check drawers, cupboards, closets, the refrigerator, the pantry, sheds, and other places to ensure that they are truly cleared of stuff. Take a box or bag with you to grab items that have been left behind. 

4. Be Available for Others.

Your biggest role while pros are moving things is to just be available to them. Rather than get too caught up in your tasks and sequester yourself in them, make a conscious effort to be available for questions or to help direct the movers. In addition, be attentive to safety needs, providing refreshments, and ensuring the safest environment for everyone to work. 

5. Start Cleaning.

As rooms are emptied, get started on a final cleanup. Prepare ahead of time with plenty of cleaning supplies for general cleanup or decide which areas to focus on. If you have hired a cleaning service, for instance, you may want to focus your efforts today on the refrigerator, a shed, or a particular trouble spot. 

By planning ahead and using your time to handle what the movers can't, you'll make the most of your time. The pros will be able to work more efficiently and you'll have less stress as you do what you need to. Learn more about planning the big day by meeting with an experienced moving service in your area today.

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