Four Reasons You Should Hire A Residential Moving Company When Relocating

Despite the prospect of greener pastures, relocating to a new location comes with the daunting task of having to pack up all your belongings and transport them to your new residence. With that said, you have two options; you can conduct the relocation DIY style or hire a residential mover to help you relocate.

Unfortunately, most people tend to shy away from hiring a residential moving company because they consider it an unnecessary expense. Besides, how hard can it be to pack up all your belongings in the back of a truck and relocate? Well, though it is pretty easy to conduct a DIY relocation, the time and effort it takes may not be worth it. Hence, you stand to enjoy an easier relocation by hiring a residential mover.

With that said, here are four reasons you should opt for a residential moving company instead of a DIY relocation.

Packing Assistance

One of the disadvantages of DIY relocation is that you have to cater to everything. Thus, you need to:

  • Source packing materials
  • Conduct the disassembling of furniture 
  • Pack all your belongings by yourself
  • Load all your items on the truck

Though this may seem relatively straightforward, how you pack your items also determines whether or not they will arrive safely at the new residence. Additionally, lifting and loading your belongings onto a truck can easily result in injury.

However, if you opt for a residential moving company, they will provide you with all the packing materials you need as part of the service. Additionally, a team of movers will help you pack all your belongings in labeled boxes within a short time. Furthermore, the team of movers is trained on how to securely pack valuable and fragile items to ensure that they do not get damaged during transit. Plus, you will not be required to conduct any heavy lifting, which helps you avoid injury. 

Hence, hiring a residential moving company can help you save time by providing you with packing materials and helping you securely pack all your belongings. Additionally, you will not be subject to any work that can result in injury, such as lifting heavy furniture.

Available on Short Notice

Sometimes, the need to relocate to a new residency arises abruptly. For instance, you may have a new ideal residence that has a limited time window to move in; else, it gets taken by someone else. In such a scenario, you need to conduct an urgent relocation before the opportunity passes. However, the given timeframe may not be sufficient to conduct a DIY relocation. Additionally, your friends and relatives may not be available on such short notice to help you relocate.

In such a scenario, your best bet for a prompt relocation is by hiring a residential mover. Residential moving companies are always on standby waiting for a job. Thus, it is pretty easy to schedule an urgent relocation service with them. In most cases, you can even place a call to the moving company, and they will be at your door ready to help you move in minutes.

Your Items are Insured

If you have fragile or valuable belongings, hiring a residential moving company to ensure they get transported safely to your new residence is always advisable. Remember that if you don't pack the fragile and valuable items properly, they can get damaged during transit or when you are offloading your stuff into your new residence. If they get damaged, you will incur a loss of value because you are not insured.

However, residential moving companies have property damage liability coverage. Thus, if your fragile or valuable items get damaged or lost in the hands of the mover, the residential moving company will be liable to compensate you for the damage or loss.

Thus, hiring a residential moving company protects you from incurring losses resulting from damaged or lost valuables during a relocation.

Faster Settling In

One of the daunting tasks you encounter after a DIY relocation is settling into the new residence. For one, you have to unpack all your stuff and arrange it in the new residence. Considering you may not have planned on arranging your new apartment or home, you may be stuck with a disorganized living space for a few days or weeks, which makes it challenging to settle in quickly.

However, when you hire a residential mover, they can help you settle into the new residence a lot faster by providing you with after relocation services. After relocation services include:

  • Unloading your belongings from the mover truck
  • Helping you unpack your stuff
  • Reassembling and arranging your furniture
  • Disposing of the packing materials

A residential moving company helps you settle into your new space a lot faster by providing these additional services. Thus, you can quickly transition into enjoying your new residence.