3 Steps To Prepare Your Family RV For Winter Storage

Owning an RV when you live somewhere with ideal weather year-round can mean you'll be able to continue using it whenever you like without concerns about safety on the road. When you live somewhere that receives snow and ice, it can be much more difficult to drive your RV during the winter. 

If you've decided to store your RV over the winter while it's out of use, there are several steps your family can take to ensure it stays in excellent condition.

Deep Clean

The first step in maintaining your RV is having a thorough deep cleaning done. Removing personal items is a good place to start when your family has used the RV frequently throughout the year. This means checking every nook and cranny to remove clothing, cookware, and other belongings that you don't want in storage.

The deep clean should extend to the exterior of the RV as well. Removing dirt and grime that's built up on the outside of the RV can ensure that the siding stays in good shape and that you won't experience paint chipping away or other issues.

Empty Fuel

Leaving fuel in your RV is a bad decision since it will go bad and could cause damage to your vehicle. In fact, most storage facilities will require you to empty out the fuel entirely before you can park your RV. Removing any fuel ahead of time can save you time later and ensure that your RV is ready for storage.

Once your RV is parked at the storage facility, you'll need to siphon out the remaining fuel and may need to show proof to the storage manager.

Pest Control

Even during the winter, it's important to prepare the RV to be out of use for months. Your RV could be susceptible to damage from pests if you don't make an effort with pest control.

Treating the interior of the RV will help protect it from pests even if it's being placed in storage. Spraying around your vehicle or checking the pest control practices with the storage facility can ensure that your RV will be protected.

As you prepare to put your RV into storage, it's so important that you take the right steps to get it ready. By renting a spot at a reputable storage facility and cleaning up your RV ahead of time, you can feel much more confident about maintaining the condition of your RV while it's in storage.

Reach out to an RV storage facility to learn more.